Wallpaper Weekly, no. 9 / Brad Ford + Jennifer Angus

Last night we attended a great panel discussion hosted by Williams Sonoma Home which included panelists Brad Ford, Michelle Adams, Celerie Kemble, and Keith Granet (the author of the new book, The Business of Design).  Moderated by Elizabeth Blitzer, it was a lively chat about the importance of designers and small businesses to build a brand.

In the discussion, Brad shared a story of being a fairly young designer asked to participate in the Hampton Designer Showhouse in 2007.  He was overjoyed until discovering his room assignment: the mud room (oh how we could relate! read: 2011 Basement Rec Room). Brad described the importance for him to wow in a small and “unimportant” space in the house.

Here are images of his final product and our wallpaper of the week (though admittedly this wall treatment is so spectacular it should really be categorized as art)!

Brad Ford Interior Design, 2007 Hamptons Showhouse

Wallpaper detail, Brad Ford's Mud Room, Hampton Designer Showhouse 2007

In collaboration with Wisconsin artist, Jennifer Angus, they hand-applied preserved insects onto the walls of the wallpapered mudroom.  Brad says, “A mudroom is a portal from the outside. I wanted to play with that idea, to literally bring the outside in.” See more of his interview with the NYTimes.

Brad Ford's Mud Room, Hampton Designer Showhouse 2007

Detail...insanely gorgeous! Brad Ford Interior Design

Detail. Brad Ford Interior Design

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6 Responses to “Wallpaper Weekly, no. 9 / Brad Ford + Jennifer Angus”
  1. 10.19.2011

    LOVE!! Mudrooms are frequently one of my favorites rooms in well designed homes. Perhaps it’s because I have a fairly large family so this is a room that gets used constantly and I would like to look great!!

  2. 10.19.2011

    Adore that mudroom … that paper is so fitting! He definitely achieved the wow!

  3. 10.19.2011

    As a new reader ( found you from DDB Fall Market, I am loving your blog. )
    I adore wallpaper and this treatment is sooo unique. Insanely gorgeous yes, but (don’t hate me) I am a bit sceeved out by the real bugs. Guess I have a bug phobia :-)!
    Still incredibly cool and I love the column. Can’t wait to see more.
    PS retweeted this post

  4. tiltonfenwick

    Thanks, Lynn! Fair enough on the bug phobia…at least pretty to look at from the safety behind your computer screen? : )

  5. 10.19.2011

    This wallpaper is amazing…perfect in the showhouse mudroom!!

  6. 10.20.2011

    That is creepy, yet intriguing in the same breath. I love it but think the kiddos might pull each and everyone off in about 2 days. Perhaps hand-painted might work.

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