Waito, Wow.

"Pyrite 2" by Carly Waito

We have few words to describe our immense love for the paintings by artist Carly Waito. WOW.

"Amethyst 6" by Carly Waito

"Amethyst 3" by Carly Waito

"Dioptase" by Carly Waito

"Vesuvianite" by Carly Waito

"Smoky Quartz 3" by Carly Waito

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2 Responses to “Waito, Wow.”
  1. 11.28.2011

    WOW indeed – those are paintings?! Amazing!! And have to add a happy birthday greeting to Anne!!

  2. pretty pink tulips

    Amazing!!! These look SO real!!

    xx Elizabeth

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