Through the Looking Glass

Chic French Casement Windows at 367/369 Bleecker ; photo by Benjamin Norman for NYTimes

Back in November, we had emailed and discussed this article from the NYTimes, “Casement Windows Are Architects’ New Darling.” Looking back, some of our most passionate comments were “DO love that detail!” “have ALWAYS loved those!”

These windows are a designer’s darling too! Some additional images we had in our digital library…

The Crosby Street Hotel; stunning rendering by Stonehill & Taylor Architects

Crosby Street Hotel Meadow Suite, yes please!

Former West Village apartment of Katie Lee and Billy Joel, an iconic article from the former Domino Mag

More West Village beauty from Domino

Perfect for daydreaming and dishwashing; photo credit unknown

Casement window makes the room! photo credit unknown

"The Ultimate Shower": as applied in interior architecture, photo credit unknown

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