Start Small, Go Big

Today, we’re totally inspired by Daily Candy’s “Start Small, Go Big” contest which aims to scout out the best newbie entrepreneurs in fashion, food, and fun…and apparently the “Home” themed businesses are categorized under “Fun” – we like it!

While it was a hard decision to pick our favorite in the Home category, we are just smitten with Fire Escape Farms, based in San Francisco. Their twitter profile sums it up: “Helping people grow edible gardens in small urban spaces.” Us NYC gals love their biz concept and their genius logo design!

While we recently discovered it is illegal in New York City to have a technical fire escape garden (for safety reasons, of course), a balcony or roof top, or window planter is certainly not!  Best of luck to them! We’ll be voting and maybe even buying some seedlings for our own urban garden?

Some XS – XL urban gardening images, proving no matter your space (or lack there of), it’s doable!

XSmall. Sky planter via Fire Escape Farms

Small. via One Green Generation, photo credit unknown

Medium. Balcony garden in full bloom, TriBeCa, NYC; via 66 Square Feet Blog

Medium - Large. Steven Gambrell's terrace via Habitually Chic

Large! Via Treehugger; Photo: Norman McGrath, Rooftop Gardens, Rizzoli, 2011

XLarge!!! Via New York Rooftop Gardens, photo credit: Charles de Vaivre

PS – Fire Escape Farms sheds light on a current discussion re: future of farming in urban settings.  Check out this great video simplifying a big idea by Columbia University professor, Dickson Despommier.

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