Pixel Perfect

A pixellated backdrop that caught our eye...Kenneth Cole store, 17th Street & 5th Ave

For those of us that work in the design industry (where images are EVERYTHING), the pixel can often be our worst enemy! Yet, here on 17th Street we were just smitten with this simple window display backdrop where the pixel is the object of beauty (along with the fashions, of course).

We love this digital painting (below) by Justin Belmont at Not a Gallery (we’ve blogged about him before). ┬áDo you dig it?

"Pixelated Van Gogh 1" by Not a Gallery

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One Response to “Pixel Perfect”
  1. pretty pink tulips

    Love it when someone takes something and uses it in a completely unexpected way!! And, I love that your eye is so trained to see what the rest of us might miss.

    Hugs to you both!
    xoxo Elizabeth

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