Jewel of a Room: MishNY

Mish NY, photo credit: ArchDigest

In an effort to make-up for yesterday’s lack of Wallpaper Weekly post (we apologize!), we’re posting today about an incredible hand painted wall finish seen on the pages of ArchDigest.  We are dazzled by the the foyer of Mish New York, a by appointment only jewelry store on 30 Bond Street in NoHo.  Can you imagine walking in to be greeted by this?! If you’ve followed our blog or work long enough, you’re also aware of our slight obsession with scalloped details. The Art Deco settee is perfection. And, major points for detail: a fabric selected in the same purple hue of the MishNY brand. Thanks AD, for the inside look at a true jewel of a room – no pun intended.

Detail, ArchDigest

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4 Responses to “Jewel of a Room: MishNY”
  1. 12.01.2011

    Back in my Sotheby’s days,(that would be15 years ago, ahem),
    Mish was the collectibles expert and sold costume jewelry for a few bucks to us Sotheby’s gals out of his apartment. No real metals or jewels but pretty designs that I still wear today. And some are signed Mish! Thanks for sharing.

  2. tiltonfenwick

    Wow!! very small world (and lucky you!)

  3. 12.06.2011

    Oh I didn’t even realize he had moved!! How gorgeous!! I haven’t even had a chance to crack my magazine yet – clearly fabulocity awaits!!

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