First Impressions

Perhaps we discuss our love for wallpaper ad nauseum, but isn’t a foyer a great place to make a bold statement and first impression with pattern?? Love these papered foyers, which set a great tone for the rest of the house.

Foyer of "The Brahmin", a Beacon Hill Greek Revival town house in Beacon Hill, Boston; photo credit: Restoring a House in the City, Abramovitch

Diagonal stripes of a foyer by Markham Roberts (Suysel's mentor!); photo credit: House Beautiful

Country style foyer by Katie Ridder, wallpaper by Farrow & Ball; photo credit: Country Living

Rita Konig's entry with "flamboyant" parrots! (as described by her in the NYTimes); originally seen in DominoMag, '08

Gracie Studio paper in bright yellow, talk about setting the mood! Photo credit unknown, via Mrs. Blandings

Entry by designer Timothy Whealon; photo credit: House Beautiful

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6 Responses to “First Impressions”
  1. 06.10.2011

    That entrance hall is utterly delicious! But I must confess it’s the blue on the ceiling and underside of the staircase that captures me.

  2. 06.12.2011

    How fun!!

  3. 06.13.2011

    Absolutely love the angled stripe and the last one, that long-branched tree. So beautiful and pleasantly surprising!

  4. tiltonfenwick

    So true! We love them ALL (though perhaps biased on the diagonal foyer that Suysel worked on?! haha) – Love that each one carries its own little personality!

  5. 06.15.2011

    Love, love, love the first one so much! I’m working with Elizabeth on picking out a fab wallcovering for her foyer, which is quite comparable to the first image. I have to forward her this post link!

  6. 06.20.2011

    I wish Katie Ridder’s foyer was in my house! down to the white vases above the side cupboards. simple, elegant and so chic!

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