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Wallpaper Weekly, no. 47 / Marthe Armitage Chestnut, part 2


Designer: Marthe Armitage / Pattern: Chestnut

A Wallpaper Weekly from times past, updated in a new colorway. How different it looks in the cheery blue for the girls’ bedroom in Miranda Brooks’ apartment, as seen in this month’s Vogue.  (See all of the beautiful Brooklyn home here.)

Brooklyn apartment of Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard, Vogue Jan 2013, photo by Francois Halard

Brooklyn apartment of Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard, Vogue Jan 2013, photo by Francois Halard

Brooklyn apartment of Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard, Vogue Jan 2013, photo by Francois Halard

Brooklyn apartment of Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard, Vogue Jan 2013, photo by Francois Halard

Do you remember our first post on this paper?

Boat Room by Ilse Crawford, photo: NYTimes

Boat Room by Ilse Crawford, photo: NYTimes


Wallpaper Weekly, no. 45 / Pintura Studio’s “Escorial”

Manufacturer: Pintura Studio (via Studio Four NYC) / Design: Escorial / Colorway: Granny Apple

US Politics head on. photo credit unknown, found here.

In a continued effort to keep our blog and social media politically neutral, here’s a paper inspired by BOTH the Democratic donkey and the Republican elephant for all of our readers. A happy little menagerie from NYC based Pintura Studio for this post-election day Wallpaper Weekly…

Pintura Studios “Escorial – Granny Apple”

While doing research at the NY Public Library, Pintura Studio designers were inspired to design this print based on a 16th century Spanish textile of the animal kingdom.  We love the really “stampy,” hand blocked quality and how our friend Kate, co-owner and founder of Studio Four, used this in her own home (below). Such a chic bar set-up!

Pintura Studios “Escorial” used by Kate of Studio Four NYC in her own Brooklyn apartment, photo credit: FKateReynolds, Instagram

Some additional close-ups in alternate colors. And hey – it also comes in fabric!

Pintura Studios “Escorial”

Pintura Studios “Escorial”

Wallpaper Weekly, no. 44 / Abigail Edwards “Seascape”

Manufacturer: Abigail Edwards / Pattern: Seascape / Colorway: Winter

We spied this chic wallpaper last week on one of our favorite daily reads, A Cup of Jo.  Today this graphic has a much deeper resonance with us…

We are still in awe of the devastation brought to the East Coast and especially here in NYC during Hurricane Sandy.  We wait patiently as we hope to restore power and phone cell service to both Suysel’s apartment and our office yet we are incredibly thankful to be safe and sound.  Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of those who lost their lives in this catastrophic storm.

Just a couple of the many striking photos showing the power of Sandy’s water surge.

Waves under the Verrazano Bridge, photo submitted by Andrew Kenney to NYTimes

Overwhelming a pier at Ocean Grove, NJ, photo submitted by Pamela Palma to NYTimes

Sandy crashes into Brooklyn, photo submitted to NYTimes

Water storms into the Path Station in Hoboken, NJ, photo credit unknown

Waterfall into the World Trade Center construction site, photo submitted to NYTimes

Overwhelmed at the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, photo submitted to NYTimes

D&D Fall Market 2012

We had a great day yesterday attending some wonderful panels at the D&D Building’s Fall Market (check out all the action on twitter under #DDBMarket).  Highlights included hearing from Celerie Kemble about her new wallpaper line for Schumacher (remember wallpaper weekly, no. 41?) and from Bunny Williams discussing her furniture company, Beeline Home.

Feather Bloom Wallpaper by Celerie Kemble for Schumacher

We also attended the Traditional Home afternoon keynote panel discussing set decoration.  It was fascinating to hear the story of Lydia Marks, who designed the sets for both Sex and the City movies. Fun fact: her interior design firm with partner Lisa Frantz (Marks & Frantz) is now frequently hired to design custom closets – based on the closet they custom made for Carrie and Big, photo below.

Carrie & Big’s closet by Lydia Marks, photo via Elle Decor

The morning keynote address by Michael Boodro, Editor-in-Chief of Elle Decor was most fun-fact-filled.  Results were reported from a survey taken by Elle Decor of over 2000 designers from across the country.  Below, a sampling of notable survey results which gives a glimpse into the interior design industry today:

The Most Important Product Attributes:

Design (38.7%)  /  Quality of Materials (28.7%)  /  Craftsmanship (22.3%)  /  Exclusivity (5.2%)  /  Customer Service (4.9%)

*Most interesting is that the following three attributes are each under 0.5%!: Reputation in the Design Community (0.3%) / Brand (0.3%) / How Easily Identifiable It Is (0%)


Vital for a Luxury Private Residence:

Location (34%) / Architectural Elements (26.8%) / Uniqueness (15.7%) / View (10%) / Sunlight (9.7%)

*And again, notably, each of these stats are under 2%: Outdoor Space (1.7%) / Ceiling Height (1.1%) / Square Footage (1.0%)


Most Luxurious American Furniture:

1. Baker

2. Holly Hunt

3. TIE! Hickory Chair & Rose Tarlow Melrose House


Lastly, a future projection…  I Expect 2013 Will Be:

1. Better for my Business than 2012 (76.1%)  GREAT! 

2. About the Same (20.7%)

3. Not as Good (3.2%)

Elle Decor, November 2012: The Luxury Issue


Wallpaper Weekly, no. 43 / Cole & Sons “Malachite”

Manufacturer: Cole & Sons / Pattern: Malachite / Colorway: Green Black

Cole & Sons “Malachite” wallpaper

Malachite has been hot for some time now, and Nate Berkus’ powder room is no exception.  Just off the pages of the November issue of Architectural Digest, we’re loving this paper in this setting. Another great example of bold paper making a statement in a small space!

Powder Room by Nate Berkus, photo by Arch Digest, Nov 2012

PS – Berkus’ new book!

And his recent interview with NYTimes.