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Fabric and Wallpapers by Abigail Borg

Daylight savings time change from this weekend has us with spring on the brain.  Are you counting down the days for better weather and sunshine?  We certainly are which is why British illustrator Abigail Borg is the perfect visual indulgence for us today.

For now, we’re going to forget what it looks like outside our windows and focus on this incredibly talented work by Borg.  We’re going to be filling our design library with her amazing fabrics and wallpapers stat!

Why not go all out with these fabrics and papers? Here’s how we’d like to use Borg’s amazing product line in a country house. Would you?!


Reality Check

Round Hill infinity pool overlooking ocean, Tilton Fenwick Instagram

Round Hill infinity pool overlooking ocean, Tilton Fenwick Instagram

Today’s weather is a cruel welcome home after being in flip-flops at the pool above for the last three days!

Montego Bay weather this week

Montego Bay weather this week

Brrrrr NYC!!! What a reality check.

NYC weather

NYC weather this week

Anyway…outside of fabulous interior design at Round Hill (check out this great write up by Cote de Texas and this by us last week) we’re also totally enamored by the Round Hill logo…

Pregnancy cocktail, aka seltzer with lemon.

Round Hill logo and a babymoon cocktail, aka seltzer with lemon.

Some other great hand-written inspired graphic designs for this chilly January day…

Andy Warhol letterhead, with lettering by Warhol’s mother, via Pinterest

Andy Warhol letterhead, with lettering by Warhol’s mother, via Pinterest

Book cover by Cecil Beaton

Book cover by Cecil Beaton

Greeting card design, via Anthropologie

Greeting card design, via Anthropologie

"To live with you alone" print by x, via 20x200

“To live with you alone” print by Taj Forer, via 20×200

Slightly reminiscent of the work by most famous Cy Twombly.

And of course!

Tilton Fenwick!

Tilton Fenwick!


Wallpaper Weekly, no. 44 / Abigail Edwards “Seascape”

Manufacturer: Abigail Edwards / Pattern: Seascape / Colorway: Winter

We spied this chic wallpaper last week on one of our favorite daily reads, A Cup of Jo.  Today this graphic has a much deeper resonance with us…

We are still in awe of the devastation brought to the East Coast and especially here in NYC during Hurricane Sandy.  We wait patiently as we hope to restore power and phone cell service to both Suysel’s apartment and our office yet we are incredibly thankful to be safe and sound.  Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of those who lost their lives in this catastrophic storm.

Just a couple of the many striking photos showing the power of Sandy’s water surge.

Waves under the Verrazano Bridge, photo submitted by Andrew Kenney to NYTimes

Overwhelming a pier at Ocean Grove, NJ, photo submitted by Pamela Palma to NYTimes

Sandy crashes into Brooklyn, photo submitted to NYTimes

Water storms into the Path Station in Hoboken, NJ, photo credit unknown

Waterfall into the World Trade Center construction site, photo submitted to NYTimes

Overwhelmed at the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, photo submitted to NYTimes

Trending: Neon

Neon: it’s on every corner these days. Walk down the stretch of 5th Ave. near our office and it’s in the window of nearly every retail outlet.  When we stumbled upon these prints by Minagraphy we thought it was a cheap and cheerful way to introduce this fashion trend to your home (if you dare), without painting your dining room neon yellow. Would you do it? Are you into trending neon?

Wonder Wheel by Minagraphy, via

Coney Island Beach by Minagraphy, via Society 6

Coney Island by Minagraphy, via Society 6

SF Tops1 by Minagraphy, via Society 6

SF Tops2 by Minagraphy, via Society 6

SF Tops3 by Minagraphy, via Society 6

Wallpaper Weekly, no. 31 / Talking Walls NYC

Company: Talking Walls NYC / Pattern: Complex / Color: Custom

This week’s wallpaper weekly is in fact not wallpaper.  For this special edition, we feature the talented Michael Loughlin of Talking Walls NYC.

Loughlin creates hand painted designs for interior walls in repeat, resulting in a dramatic visual statement similar to wallpaper.  For example…

A TalkingWallsNYC pattern:

A Talking Walls Damask Pattern, via

And hand painted on walls:

Talking Walls NYC

Click here to see the decorative patterns available and more room examples.  Talking Walls can also develop custom patterns – in any scale and color combination <amazing!>.

Michael has so generously and enthusiastically volunteered his time and talent for our Design on a Dime vignette, opening tomorrow (Thursday, April 26) to benefit Housing Works Charity.  A very special thank you to TalkingWallsNYC AND to Valspar who sponsor the event and donated all the paint.

Check out a sneak peek of the pattern and colors that we developed with Michael which will cover our vignette walls (a kid’s room):


Custom Pattern for Tilton Fenwick, by Talking Walls NYC

It’s not too late to score tickets to the opening party tomorrow night.  Come see what will definitely be some statement walls by Michael and fabulous room vignettes by almost fifty other designers, all filled with amazing home finds for sale and all to benefit Housing Works.  It also just so happens to be one of our absolute favorite nights of the year!

Get tickets here!

PS – stay tuned to the blog tomorrow for a daytime preview of the amazing furniture pieces that will be for sale – AT DRASTICALLY REDUCED PRICES – at our vignette tomorrow night!