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Fabric and Wallpapers by Abigail Borg

Daylight savings time change from this weekend has us with spring on the brain.  Are you counting down the days for better weather and sunshine?  We certainly are which is why British illustrator Abigail Borg is the perfect visual indulgence for us today.

For now, we’re going to forget what it looks like outside our windows and focus on this incredibly talented work by Borg.  We’re going to be filling our design library with her amazing fabrics and wallpapers stat!

Why not go all out with these fabrics and papers? Here’s how we’d like to use Borg’s amazing product line in a country house. Would you?!


Wallpaper Weekly, no. 50 / Peter Dunham “Samarkand”


Designer: Peter Dunham Textiles / Pattern: Samarkand

Peter Dunham "Samarkand Blue-Red" fabric

Peter Dunham “Samarkand Blue-Red” fabric

Today’s round-up is a fabric by Peter Dunham that we’ve seen quite a few times used as wallcovering.

Peter Dunham "Samarkand" on walls. Designer/photo unknown

Peter Dunham “Samarkand” on walls. Designer/photo unknown

Samarkand on walls, design/photo by Peter Dunham

Samarkand on walls, design/photo by Peter Dunham


peter dunham

Peter Dunham “Samarkand” on walls, upholstery and window treatments, designer/photo unknown

Peter Dunham "Samarkand" on walls,

Peter Dunham “Samarkand” on walls, designer / photo unknown

Peter Dunham "Samarkand Blue on White" walls, bedding

Peter Dunham “Samarkand Blue on White” walls, bedding, photo: House Beautiful

Here are two other spaces that have a similar vibe going on the walls, though aren’t the Dunham “Samarkand” print.

Tory Burch, Hamptons Home, via

Tory Burch’s Hamptons Home, via

Home of Lorenzo Castillo, photo via Habitually Chic

Home of Lorenzo Castillo, photo via Habitually Chic

Traditional Home Scotland Panel – Today!

Scotland Trip

Traditional Home & Designers in Edinburgh, Summer 2012

Today, Anne is speaking on a panel about the incredible travels she took this past summer with Traditional Home Magazine and Scottish Development International at the D&DBuilding, 14th Floor.  We’re all excited to share our insights about the incredible textiles and design coming from the beautiful and historic Scotland as well as reveal a unique chair design by each designer, inspired by the trip.

Panel will be moderated by Ronda Carman of All the Best Blog and Beth Brenner of Traditional Home.  Panelists include my travelmates and esteemed designers, Gideon Mendelson, Patrik Lonn, Tobi Fairley and Phillip Gorrivan!

See you there today at 9:30am!

Wallpaper Weekly, no. 46 / Manuel Canovas “Pagoda”

Manufacturer: Manuel Canovas / Pattern: Pagoda / Colorway: Amethyste

Entrance Hall by Ruthie Sommers, Veranda Dec 2012, photo: Francesco Lagnese

Sometimes a bold pattern like Manuel Canovas’ “Pagoda” is even more stunning as a smaller, unexpected moment rather than covering every wall surface.  We love this entry by designer Ruthie Sommers from the latest Veranda.  Yet, even with stunning black lacquer and a beautiful tiled floor by Ann Sacks, without those fabulous fabric-clad doors we’d be left wanting for more.

Here’s a larger view which gives us a glimpse at how stunning those doors must be in person!

Manuel Canovas “Pagoda – Amethyste”

Wallpaper Weekly, no. 45 / Pintura Studio’s “Escorial”

Manufacturer: Pintura Studio (via Studio Four NYC) / Design: Escorial / Colorway: Granny Apple

US Politics head on. photo credit unknown, found here.

In a continued effort to keep our blog and social media politically neutral, here’s a paper inspired by BOTH the Democratic donkey and the Republican elephant for all of our readers. A happy little menagerie from NYC based Pintura Studio for this post-election day Wallpaper Weekly…

Pintura Studios “Escorial – Granny Apple”

While doing research at the NY Public Library, Pintura Studio designers were inspired to design this print based on a 16th century Spanish textile of the animal kingdom.  We love the really “stampy,” hand blocked quality and how our friend Kate, co-owner and founder of Studio Four, used this in her own home (below). Such a chic bar set-up!

Pintura Studios “Escorial” used by Kate of Studio Four NYC in her own Brooklyn apartment, photo credit: FKateReynolds, Instagram

Some additional close-ups in alternate colors. And hey – it also comes in fabric!

Pintura Studios “Escorial”

Pintura Studios “Escorial”