Basquiat, ArchDigest and Blogfest2011

We’ve always been fans of Brooklyn artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat.  While in Paris this past January, we attended the Basquiat Retrospective at Musée d’Art Moderne (amaze).  So, while flipping through the pages of June’s ArchDigest, we took notice of quite a few Basquiats hanging on the walls of projects stretching from East coast to West – a Beverly Hills home designed by Peter Dunham and Manhattan apartment by David Kleinberg.

Basquiat hangs above a tufted sofa, designed by Peter Dunham; photo credit: Architectural Digest June 2011

Yesterday, we were also able to attend a breakfast and presentation by Architectural Digest Editor in Chief, Margaret Russell.  We were smitten with Margaret: from her poise, to her power (she has great influence on our industry!), to her gorgeous dress (we thought Oscar?).  Hearing her perspective was an incredibly unique opportunity offered only through Blogfest2011, created and hosted by Kravet.  We were completely engaged by Margaret’s comments on the direction of interior design, particularly through the growth of social media, e-books, and “ways we haven’t even imagined yet.”  Exciting! A special thanks to Beth, Jennifer, Ann and all the people at Kravet and Blogfest for this special morning! Already looking forward to the next Blogfest!

On right, Basquiat hangs in a graphic gallery space; Interior design by David Kleinberg, Architectural Digest June 2011

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2 Responses to “Basquiat, ArchDigest and Blogfest2011”
  1. Pretty Pink Tulips

    LOVED meeting the two of you! Wasn’t hearing Margaret speak an amazing experience. Her elegance and poise had me sitting up a little straighter and wanting to possess just a tad of her eloquence.

    Just finished going page by page through this new issue of AD. She has been an amazing influence on this magazine…and in my humble opinion, made it relevant again.

    xo Elizabeth

  2. 05.26.2011

    Great eyes!! Margaret was indeed fabulous – relaxed yet powerful and professional. But have to add that while the Basquiat is fabulous, how about that incredible tufted sofa!!

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