A New Network for Novogratz

Novogratz Family; photo credit: Michael Weschler for NYTimes

HGTV has adopted the Novogratz clan and is set to premiere their new thirty-minute series, Home by Novogratz this summer. The world was first introduced to New York City based designers, Robert and Cortney Novogratz, last year on their show 9 By Design, which aired on Bravo.  They stole many of our hearts with their laid back approach to raising seven children and running a successful design and development company.  For years now the self-taught design duo has taken on both residential and commercial projects for high profile clients that appreciate their downtown chic aesthetic.  The new series will follow the family as they juggle day-to-day life and a growing business. We’re happy to hear they’ll be back.

Bungalow Hotel by Novogratz; photo credit unknown

Bedroom in family's own country house in Great Barrington, MA; photo credit: John Gruen

Novogratz gym renovation; photo credit unknown

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Bob and Courtney at home with their children Major, Holleder, Five, Breaker, Bellamy, Tallulah and Wolfgang.

3 Responses to “A New Network for Novogratz”
  1. Allison Burfield

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! This is the best show ever! I still have their episodes saved in my TiVo. Love this family and their aesthetic. Thank you HGTV and thank you Ms. Fenwick for a great blog.

  2. Sandra Conti

    I loved it the most!! Would actually feel sad after the show was over! So glad it will be on again on HGTV. I feel it’s Bravo’s loss and HGTV’s gain. Can’t wait to see what Bob and Cortney will do next in their artistic designs, and I love seeing all their kids, epecially the twins, Five and Holleder.

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