A New Leaf

As more traditional gals, the furniture retailer BoConcept is not one of our regular stops – but we were stopped in our tracks walking by the 18th street storefront for the new Ottawa Chair by Karim Rashid.

Ottawa Chairs by Karim Rashid for BoConcept

We’re totally enamored by this chair! Wouldn’t it be great upholstered in a print and seated behind a fabulous desk?

Rashid describes the design as a leaf-like form where the legs of a grouping of several chairs creates a feeling like a forest of trees. Watch more of Rashid discuss his Ottawa chair here:

Yet the Ottawa Chair is not the first of our botanical inspired seating love. Below are some additional leaf inspired favorites, first being the famous Ginkgo Side Chair by Claude Lalanne (to note: it sold at Christie’s for $37,500 in 2010!)

Claude Lalanne Ginkgo Side Chair, photo via Christie's

Ron Arad’s Clover Chair for Driade– for indoor our outdoor use.

Clover Chairs by Ron Arad for Driade

Clover Chairs by Ron Arad for Driade

And last, the Oak Leaf Chair by Villiers – also available in white gloss finish.

Oak Leaf Chair by Villiers, Antique Gold

Oak Leaf Chair by Villiers, Polished Nickel

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2 Responses to “A New Leaf”
  1. 04.17.2012

    What fun – perfect for spring. LOVE the fabulous Oak Leaf chair!!

  2. 04.17.2012

    Love the inspiration and the interpretations!

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